What is Changing / South Florida


What is Changing is a collection of direct experiences had by South Florida locals. Interviews record stories of what people see is changing due to sea level rise and global climate shifts.

Speculative Offshore Futures / Miami Beach


Speculative Offshore Futures installation Cast plaster cruise ship models, land forms, pulleys, tide chart, laser level, fluorescent blue lights Hybrid island clusters of cruise ships and land forms suggest a spatial remix of existing components of our city system. In this imaginary hopeful solution, the scale of cruise ships in relation to the islands they visit are an asset. The floating ships support fragments and land structures to keep cultures intact even as they are faced with relocation due to sea level rise. A horizon light circumnavigates the space. The network of lines, pulleys and islands shift with the tides.

Shifting Zero: Don't Ask Don't Tell / Miami Beach

On Compost and Redlining a City / St. Louis

Reclining Islands / Leno Garden at Beverly, fort gondo compound for the arts / St. Louis

The Imaginarium / The Learning Community Charter School / Central Falls, RI