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Washington University in St. Louis / Masters of Fine Arts

Rhode Island School of Design / Masters of Landscape Architecture

Penland School of Crafts / Core Fellowship Program

California College of the Arts / BFA Sculpture

Oberlin College / BA Environmental Studies, Women Studies, Black Studies, Anthropology


ArtCenter/South Florida / Miami Beach, FL / Applied Artistic Research 

Cannonball / Miami, FL / 

Boston Architectural College / Boston, MA / Teaching for Understanding / Teaching as Inquiry / Multicultural Classrooms 

University of California Davis / Big Sur, CA / Historical Anthropology Field School 

San Francisco State University / Bozeman, MT / Wildlife Research Institute


selected exhibitions and interventions 


Ft. Lauderdale / Opposing FuturesCollective Flotation Devices (CFDs)

Miami Beach / Studio 924 / Flooded Sanctuaries / Adaptations: hybrid spaces of land and water

Brooklyn / Through A Honeycomb / Trestle Projects

Key West / Portable Memories in Rising Seas / with Fifty-Fifty art collective / film screenings and participatory print project


Miami Beach / Satellite Art Show / Hope and Doom ProjectsSpeculative Offshore Futures, Adaptations, Stories for Fishes

Miami / Transversal Projects / Adaptations / video screening

Miami / O Cinema / TRANSMISSION / with Fifty-Fifty / two projects that navigate hope and doom, videos, screening, participatory print project

Ft. Lauderdale, FL / The Box Gallery / Waterscapes / video, c prints, benches; water issues of South Florida and Brazil with Brazilian artists

Porto Alegre, Brazil / Galeria Peninsula / Infiltração / solo show / video, bench, mixed media sculptures, c-prints

Penland / Penland School / Artist Residency / Landlines / public outdoor participatory sound installation addressing a declining local tree species

Hollywood, FL / FAT Village / Portals / glowing bacteria in concrete floor cracks


Miami Beach / HighTide / Mickey Mouse Operations, a Gift to Paul Singer / c-prints, video of international action

Miami Beach / HighTide / New Ground / living modular compost system with shredded art fair paraphernalia as worm bedding

Miami Beach / HighTide / Shifting Zero, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell / video action addressing sea level rise in FL

Key West / The Studios of Key West / Talking to Satellites / installation with video and c-prints of bicycle and GPS written phrase

St. Louis / Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, Granite City Arts District / The Forgetting and Remembering of the Air

Key West / Cistern Bike Tour: Ingenious Drinking Water Strategies (Some bad, some good) / water ecologies bike tour

Knoxville / SGC International Conference/ Signs in the Public Sphere Project / Ferguson / with Lisa Bulawsky and Emily Squires

Providence / International Art Festival / Lemonade Exchange: collecting unexpected lessons in shared city spaces


St. Louis / Impossible Wants / multi-phased participatory poetry and city repair action / with Maura Pellettieri, poets, artists, the public and St. Louis City Street repair crews

Miami Beach / Windows at Walgreens / Talking to Satellites / c-prints of bicycle & GPS written phrase

NYC / Spontaneous Interventions / Art In Odd Places retrospective / Patch / video

St. Louis / Reclining Islands / Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, Leno Garden / raingarden with oversized lawn chairs made of historic carts

Johnson, VT / Give Me Some Sugar / with Caitlin Plunket / poetry to trees written on active maple syrup collecting bucket lids

Villa Alegre, Chile / Museo con Piernas / international collaborative street procession with street dogs and capes

Buenos Aires & NYC / Mickey Mouse Operations / one sidewalk block is cleaned of dog feces and redistributed from BA to NYC


St. Louis & Brooklyn / The Luminary & NutureArt / On Compost and Redlining a City / land art drawings become distributable compost

St. Louis / Satellite Show / To Escape / layered translucent pages of a handmade book are hung in circumference of a room

St. Louis / WashU / Vulnerability as Strength in Social and Spatial Practices 

St. Louis / Mildred Kemper Lane Art Museum / Interdependence / videos, tandem bike missing a chain, public check out of bike

NYC / Let Me Impress You Authentically / with Lisa Bulawsky and Carla Schwartz / participatory printmaking project, with embossment by paused pedestrians


St. Louis / Lewis Center / Interdependencies / relational videos with drawings on vellum

St. Louis / WashU / Open Studios

NYC / Art in Odd Places / Patch / pothole repair with asphalt and planted written meditations on fluid thinking

Key West / Cistern Ecologies Bike Tour / community knowledge sharing tour of historic rainwater-collecting cisterns

St. Louis / Des Lee Gallery / The Standstill / video installation of the view walking down a hospital corridor, floor projection


St. Louis / Des Lee Gallery / Lemonade Exchange on Washington Street / participatory project on one city street

St. Louis / WashU / Open Studios

Penland / Instructor Retreat, Visiting Artist / Lemonade Exchange / participatory project gathering unexpected lessons

Providence / PATCH: Ecologies of Conflict and Repair / participatory pothole memory project in auto repair shops


Providence / New Urban Arts / Art Inquiry Visiting Artist: Encounter / Lemonade Exchange with youth participants

Providence / The Hive Archive / Work by Women Billboard Project / El Rio, The Rivah 


Providence / Flower Pot / springtime filling and planting of potholes with soil, flowering plants and mulch

Providence / RISD / Foraging in Urban Habitat: Creating a Sense of Belonging through Movement and Interruption


Providence / RISD / Current Faculty Work / Local Studios and Center for Design and Business

Providence / Project Pothole / city potholes filled with glow-in-the-dark rubber / with artist and DPW city crews


Providence / RISD / Innovation Studio / Blackstone River Watershed

Providence / RISD / Investigative Drawing


Penland / Thinned Skin / boxes of dried peelings immersed in beeswax, video of hands peeling produce

Penland / Transitory / translucent hollow silicone molds of large and small hand farm tools suspended in the air

Penland / Tracking Encounters / lists of a day of interactions kept by people with a mailbox at Penland School

Penland / Tracking Community / in public restrooms, wax casts of people’s ears emitted local sounds


San Leandro / Sun Gallery / Miami Beach Encounters / Polaroids of strangers’ shared bodily imperfections, cast flawed fruit, gel pillows

Penland / Of the Imperfect Self / cast plaster pillows, cast flawed fruit, Polaroids of shared bodily imperfections

Oakland / Barkley Simpson Studio / Waiting for Perfection / cast glass produce, Windex, air generator, tubing, light boxes


Oakland / CCA / We Look So Much Alike / two identical cast glass heads immersed in tinted water, one with a visible crack

Oakland / CCA / Distributor / dirt dug from hole in courtyard lawn spread onto walls in gallery space

San Francisco / The Great Hall / Plumb-Betty / suspended 9’ organic plumb bob


selected press, lectures, honors and residencies

ArtCenter South Florida / International Artist in Residence program / Miami Beach, FL / 2014 – 2017

ARTEFUSE / Review of Satellite Art Show and Hope and Doom Projects / 2016

Zero Hora / Review of Infiltração / Porto Alegre, Brazil / 2016

Jornal do Comercio / Review of Infiltração / Porto Alegre, Brazil / 2016

Galeria Peninsula / Artist in Residence / Porto Alegre, Brazil / 2016

Penland School / Artist in Residence / Penland, NC / 2016

Hyperallergic / review of HighTide at the Pharmacy, Satellite Show / December 4, 2015

AlltheArtStl: The Visual Quarterly of St. Louis / The Forgetting and the Remembering of the Air article / Winter 2015

AlltheArtStl: The Visual Quarterly of St. Louis / Impossible Wants article / Fall 2015

Washington University in St. Louis / English Department / Impossible Wants presentation with Maura Pellettieri / 2015

Cleveland Institute of Art / Unruly Engagements: On the Social Turn in Contemporary Art & Design / Impossible Wants, with M. Pellettieri / 2014

Penland School / Core Fellowship Reunion Residency / Photography Studio / Penland, NC / 2014

The Luminary / FLOAT (Collective) Isolation with Radical Intention / artist residency with visiting Italian Collective / 2014

Vermont Studio Center / international residency program / scholarship and fellowship / Johnson, Vermont / 2014

L.P.E.P. / international interventionist residency program / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2014

Curatoría Forense / international social practice residency program conducted in Spanish / Villa Alegre, Chile / 2014

St. Louis / St. Louis Beach: Into the Mystic at Twelve Cycles a Minute / proposal with Lisa Bulawsky / 2013

Washington University in St. Louis / Production Grant / 2013

The Studios of Key West / international residency program / 2011-12, 2014-15

Northeastern Illinois University / Art in Response to Violence / Violence and Illness, presenter / 2012

Mid-America CAA / Serious Play and Failure in Arts Education and Professional Practice, presenter / Disrupting Habitual Form of Perception / 2012

Washington University in St. Louis / Travel Grant / 2012, 2013

Washington University in St. Louis / Danforth Scholar / scholarship / 2011-2013

Elsewhere Collaborative / international residency program / 2011

Art New England / Providence: The Artists Nest / review / Fall 2010

Art New England / named one of Seven Sculptors to Watch / Summer 2010

Rhode Island Council for the Arts / project grant / 2010

RISD / Department of Teaching and Learning in Art and Design / Design Education guest lecturer / 2009, 2010, 2011

Providence Children’s Museum / Community Conversation series panelist / Making Spaces for Play / 2009

Appleton Mill Art Yard design / Fieldstone Property, the Revolving Museum, Urban Arts Initiative of Mass College of Art / Finalist / 2009

New Urban Arts / Creative Practice Conversation Series / 2009

Rhode Island Environmental Education Association / Keynote Presenter / 2008

RISD / Office of Public Engagement / Breaking the Code, presenter / community-based, socially-engaged artists / 2008

RISD / Travel Grant / 2006


teaching and mentoring

Washington University in St. Louis / St. Louis, MO / 2011- 2013

Teaching Assistant with Sarah Cowles / Department of Landscape Architecture / Interdisciplinary Landscape Architecture Studios

Teaching Assistant with Jana Harper / Department of Art Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Book Studio / Urban Books

Teaching Assistant with Monika Weiss / Department of Art / Hybrid Media II

Boston Architectural College / Boston, MA / 2007-2011

Faculty and course designer / Ecologies of Everyday Landscapes

Advanced Design Studio Workshop combines sculpture and landscape architectural approaches to investigate social and ecological systems of a place through direct experience.  MArch and BArch students select urban sites, create studio work, on-site interventions, and a design proposal, moving from studio to situation to inform design.

New Urban Arts / Art Inquiry Program / Encounter / Providence, RI

Resident Scholar Artist 2010; Visiting Artist and Mentor 2012

Residency at one of the nation’s top 10 art programs for youth. Brought knowledge, curiosity and artistic practice to an inquiry-based themed summer art studio with urban youth.  Guided adult artist mentors, developed curriculum resources, exhibited at final show.

Rhode Island School of Design / Department of Landscape Architecture / Providence, RI

Lead Instructor and course designer / Art and Ecology: From Concept to Application / 2007

Students from disciplines such as Industrial Design, Apparel Design, Illustration and Landscape Architecture learned ecological concepts and discussed related artistic work.  Diverse students responded with work interpreting ecological concepts in a variety of media.

Teaching Assistant with Nadine Gerdts / Cultural Geography / 2006

Teaching Assistant with Karen Nelson / Theory 1 / 2005

Penland School of Crafts / Penland, NC

Assistant Instructor with Christina Shmigel / All About the Why, 2010 / Tapping into Audacity, 2015

Assistant Instructor with Christina Shmigel (installation artist) and Abie Harris (architect) / Poetics of Place / 2007

Assistant Instructor with Hoss Haley / Alternative Concrete Casting / 2004

Leader and designer of Core Fellows Critique Group / 2001

Assistant Instructor with Joel Stearns / Cardboard Furniture / 2001


guest critic and visiting artist 

Florida International University / visiting artist and guest critic / Drawing / 2017

Florida International University / visiting artist and guest critic / Sculpture / 2015

Washington University in St. Louis / Graduate Fine Arts / guest Thesis Advising / 2015

Washington University in St. Louis / Landscape Architecture / Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio / 2015

Washington University in St. Louis / Architecture / Advanced Architecture Studio / 2014

RISD / Graduate Studies / Visiting Artist / 2014

Boston Architectural College / Department of Architecture / MArch Thesis Advisor / 2009, 2010, 2011

RISD / Department of Landscape Architecture / MLA Thesis Advisor / 2009, 2010

RISD / Department of Landscape Architecture / Manufacturing Neighborhood, advanced interdisciplinary studio / Nadine Gerdts / 2009

RISD / Department of Landscape Architecture / Design/Build Farmers’ Market, advanced interdisciplinary studio / Gerdts, Woods / 2009

Boston Architectural College / Advanced Portfolio Review / 2009, 2010, 2011; Advanced Architectural Studio / 2008, 2009, 2010

RISD / Innovation Studio, advanced interdisciplinary studio / Carbon Initiative 2007 / Earth University, Costa Rica / 2008

RISD / Design Principles / Elizabeth Herman / 2007

RISD / Urban Systems Studio, MLA / Elizabeth Herman / New Orleans, LA / 2006

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth / Fine Art and Artisanry Advanced Studio / 2006

RISD / MLA Thesis / Leonard Newcomb / 2006

The Waring School / Visiting Artist / 2001


community design 

Reclining Islands / Designer, Builder and Project Manager / Leno Garden at Fort Gondo compound for the Arts / St. Louis / 2014

Multi-bed rain garden that captures roof run-off is combined with oversized reclining lawn chairs on historic carts.  This garden and dog park with native plants provides public space for arts organization visitors and their neighborhood.

Youth Design/Build / Art, Landscape and Ecology Director; Green Design Studio Director / RiverzEdge Arts Project / RI / 2010-11

At one of the nation’s top 10 youth art programs, leading GED seeking youth in public art and design/build projects to create understanding and ownership of the Blackstone River and related ecosystems.  Supervised and managed youth based Blackstone Canal Project which created interactive teaching exhibits for the Blackstone Valley Corridor National Heritage Commission.

Youth Design/Build / Landscape Design Project Supervisor / RiverzEdge Arts Project  / Woonsocket, RI / 2009

Led youth in work experience program combining landscape architecture, planning, and public art.  The youth contributed to an urban design project to connect Main Street with the Blackstone River and RI bike path, and applied ecological and social issues in design/build public art projects at a local community garden.  Included curriculum development for this and future projects.

The Imaginarium / Designer and Project Manager / The Learning Community / Central Falls, RI / 2008

A collaborative design/build process with students, teachers, administration and parents for outdoor play space at elementary school in RI’s most densely populated city. Included contribution to successful $110,000 funding proposal.

Creative Reuse Courtyard / Designer / Jefferson School / Maplewood, NJ / 2007

Outdoor classrooms with terraces, seating and plants using 95% recycled materials.  Gabion benches filled with materials related to elementary school science curriculum and to encourage ecological stewardship of bioregion.

Foraging in Urban Habitat: Creating a Sense of Belonging Through Movement and Interruption / MLA Thesis / 2007
Ecological strategies for creating healthy wildlife habitat are combined with Situationist concepts to inform urban design interventions which reorganize power structures in streets. Sense of belonging is fostered for pedestrians and cyclists while car habitat is stressed to encourage changes in human behavior related to transportation.  Publishing by VDM Publishers in process.

Design/Build / private residential landscape / Miami, FL / 2002

De-lawning and native re-planting

Design/Build / private residential structures and working organic farm landscape / Grass Valley, CA / 1992-2000

Research, design, build, master plan development of site and structures for 20 acre property


community research

Madres de Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora, Buenos Aires, Argentina / independent research with Madres who have marched every Thursday for 40 years, holding networking conversations in a public city square as a form of social intervention and spatial disruption / 2014 – ongoing

What is Changing / an ongoing collection of first hand experiences of sea level rise changes in South Florida / 2013 – ongoing

Washington University in St. Louis / Printmaking Studio Think Tank / Craving the Mark / 2012

Water Issues in South Florida / Independent Research / 2011 – ongoing

Interviews with local people who are engaged directly with water, including: pipeline plant workers who supplying drinking water to the Keys, desalinization plant workers who continuously prepare for emergency, Native Miccosukee tribe members who monitor Everglades water quality issues and work with sea level rise concerns.

Combining Landscape Architecture & Sculpture: Dialogues / Independent Research / 2006

Grant-funded interviews with innovative thinkers including Vito Acconci, Julie Bargmann, Michael Singer, Ken Smith.

Local Studios / Charlie Cannon / RISD Assistant Professor Industrial Design / Providence, RI / 2006

Research Assistant at interdisciplinary urban firm; completed complex site analysis related to public parking

Penland School of Crafts / Penland, NC / 2000-2001

Researcher: video, oral history project interviews


studio & community practices 

Jana Harper / Assistant for socially engaged project based in community interviews and site research / Colorado

Jill Downen / Studio Assistant in sculptural installation and mixed media casting / St. Louis, MO

Ken Smith Landscape Architecture / Studio Assistant with emphasis on model building and cultural research / New York, NY

Ellen Driscoll / Studio Assistant / RISD Sculpture Faculty, Sculptor, public art commissions and mixed media / Boston, MA

Penland School of Crafts / Coffeehouse Manager; temporary Photography Studio Coordinator / Penland, NC

Clifford Rainey / Studio Assistant / CCA Glass Faculty, Sculptor, glass casting and mixed media / Oakland, CA

David Nash / Assistant for sculptural casting, wood and mixed media project / Oakland, CA

Linda Fleming / Studio Assistant / CCA Sculpture Faculty, Sculptor, steel and mixed media / San Francisco, CA

Bakbraken Acres / California Certified Organic Farm / Manager and Designer / Chicago Park, CA

Todd Andrews / Studio Assistant / Sculptor, casting, mold making and mixed media / Grass Valley, CA

The Women’s Building / Information and Referral Coordinator and Crisis Hotline Manager / San Francisco, CA

Oberlin College / Social Services Coordinator for Latino Students / Oberlin, Ohio

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