Laurencia Strauss is a visual artist and trained landscape architect. She investigates vulnerabilities and ingenuities of people and places they inhabit through actions, installations and projects in public spaces. Many of her projects are an alternative form of site analysis that rely on social engagement and share the process of researching a place with the people who live there. Working across art and design, she creates experiences that navigate our interdependencies as a living ecology.


A mixture of Argentinean and southern US cultures, Laurencia is based again in her home city of Miami responding to sea level rise issues at a critical moment of consciousness for South Florida. She sees Miami as a vibrant city actively developing its identity while simultaneously grappling with a serious health condition. Influenced by experiences with her sibling who lived with chronic and terminal illness for many years, Laurencia came to understand that a difficult diagnosis – for a person or a city – does not necessarily mean imminent death but may bring extensive phases of growth, maintenance, anticipation, hope, and change.


Recent solo exhibitions include Hope and Doom at Satellite Art Show, Miami Beach (2016), Infiltracao at Peninsula Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2016), Landlines at Penland School Gallery, North Carolina (2016), and Reclining Islands at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, St. Louis (2014). Group shows include Opposing Futures, Ft. Lauderdale (2017), Flooded Sanctuaries, Miami Beach (2017), Transmission, Miami (2016), Waterscapes / Paisagem d’agua, Ft. Lauderdale (2016), Hightide at Satellite, Miami Beach (2015), and Museo con Piernas, Chile (2014).

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July 18, 2014